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Your local Culligan Man has been solving the region's toughest water problems since 1936. From water softeners and drinking water systems to bottled and bottle free coolers, we are your local water experts. Culligan offers a complete line of water treatment solutions and products to combat hard and problem water including rusty iron and blue-green acid stains from well water.  Remember, your Culligan Man is just minutes away with water treatment solutions for nearly every budget.
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Better yet, Culligan serves both residential water softening and treatment needs as well as commercial and industrial applications. So when it comes to water treatment just say: "Hey Culligan Man!"® to find out which water conditioner system is right for you.         

Culligan Water Softeners & Conditioners

Culligan water softener solutions will make life easier all around your house. Soft water leaves skin smoother and hair silkier and bouncier. Tubs, showers and shower doors are no longer covered in soap scum. A Culligan water softener will also have your appliances working more efficiently and lasting longer. Your local Culligan Man will be more than happy to explain more benefits of a Culligan water softener. Just enter your zip code above to find your Culligan Man for water softener questions and installation!

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